RITCHY E+ YE: More than an exchange!

RITCHY Youth Exchange had been realized under Erasmus+ conditions in Daugridiskes Training Center, Lithuania between 30th July – 8th August 2016, organised by Politikos tyrimų ir analizės institutas with the participation of 5 youth worker and 1 group leader from each following counturies: Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Poland, Cyprus and Turkey.


The idea of this project was born from the actualities of these days – religion, different changes, influence of technologies in everyday life, as well, about opinion on different aspects, such as emigration, immigration, refugees, terrorism, which are formed by media.

Schedule of RITCHY

Participants get to know each other, involved for team building activities as well as ice breakers and name games for the first day after short introduction of ‘how to survive in Daugridiskes’. Afterwards slowly dived into the topics and be informed about overall project, countries performed their dances and traditions for the first evening. Countries lead the topics of schedule day by day , handled the hot topics of participant countries that effects future of Europe also flow of history, others contributed in order without knowing of establishment such a great company each other yet.



Let’s have a self trip! Getting know more about yourself is the way getting know more about the world. The test provided self identification consciessness to the participants.


As the flow of the Idendity test requires participants chose the most appropriate one from given options according themselves then provide them gaining informations according their answers. It also helps having succesfull self-SWOT analyse. After participants had a self trip , also discussed about Identity in their countries.


They enjoyed the sauna in a baltician way in this day’s evening. Living shock effect by jumping to the lake after sauna has let some of participants know that they are not able to do this 🙂


The day that predicts theories regarding future of Europe! Groups gathered for presenting the historical milestones and the events that gives shape to European future in their country, but in a pinapple  way which means as international groups 🙂 So participants has examined the topics chosen by voted according importance regarding effects of Europe.


Cyprus was handled by ship explosion that were carrying out of arsenal to the Syria, knocks out island’s electricity plants also destroyed %10 percentage of total economy.

Latvia presented one of the biggest social initiative ever: Baltic way! while the Lithuania highlighting of their independence process against SSCB.

Participants informed by that plane was carrying Poland’s president, Lech Kaczynski, as well as dozens of other prominent members of the government and military. The crash threw Poland into mourning: Twin brothers! as well as overall evaluation of benefits in UK.

Turkey showed up by shooting down of Russian plane due invasion of Turkish airspace beside last terrorism attacks.

All these events reminded us that how interconnected we are each other, every event was effecting one another in domino effect!


Let’s check out of European structures! RITCHY people examined the European institutions and their goals. The concepts such as Council of Europe, Eurozone, Euro Free Trade Association, Euro Economic Area and Schengen.


The evening was such a pleasure with videos that reflects countries, traditions, characteristic sense of humors and interpersonal language learnings.

RELİGİON: Turkey & Cyprus

What a day! Thanks to the Cyprus team, participants learned all about christianity sects and gained ability to recognize all kind of churches. Then Turkey presented the Islam, and the real way people live it rather than media shows. Afterwards shared some quotes by Turkish wises such as (Mevlana, Haci Bektas Veli) which highlighting meaning of islam.

7 nasihat
7 Advice of Mevlana


Increasingly we see Islamaphobia among people in the world, because of media and prejudicies. Participants examined that all religions in the world aims for same thing which is human goodwill. We got that badnesses are people’s self responsibility rather than religions.


After all such a serious informations about religions,RITCHY divided groups to develop and perform a theaters 🙂  but groups had some key words for using in it. This keywords caused really fun and creative improvisations.

Religion Theater

Outdoor activity followed the theaters. RITCHY people was looking for colour all around 🙂 Then we got the chance practicise all outputs of the day through the Q&A.



National groups prepared and present migration situations of their country, we saw a lot of different cases, gained perspectives regarding reasons of migration as well as suprised by a lot of new informations.


Immigration in UK:



Popular destinations and migrants in Lithuania 🙂


Discussions was so absorbing about integration of migrants to societiy. Too many different ideas was flying around, participants negotiated integration of migrants by answering questions and case studies, explain more about their reasons with interaction.

13887066_10209862791663965_6098253420225910795_n (1)

When the topic comes up to migration, it’s impossible pass without touching Syria. Turkish team has lead Syrian Refugees issue to the project with some rates and numbers.

Syrian Refugee Crisis has changed the map of immigrant profiles in many European countries. Below picture the most common country of origin of immigrants published by United Nations in 2013.


And immigrant profiles has been changed this way since 2013 with the effect of war in Syria.


Participants had also some free time to share their ideas each other. If you’d like to ask like: ”Was there any confliction between Cyprus and Turkey ?” then give me no ball! Because not at all! Conversations between Cyprus and Turkey was proof of peace of societies, once again we understood that politician’s faults not enough to break to peace of people!


A game which provides understanding better of immigrants psychology and challenges they face while integrating into society, also need creating collobration and observation each other has supported this day.



Time for take a breathe after a lot of informations and workshops. RITCHY moved to the one of the most beautiful place of Lithuania: TRAKAI!  Participants refreshed theirselves with natural beauties of Trakai and enjoyed castle and lake.

After Trakai RITCHY moved to the Villnius city center. Participants enjoyed the city by visiting museums, tasting delicious foods in open kitchen, visiting other countries like Republic of Uzupis. It was possible to find constitutions of Republic of Uzupis with most of languages, the best constitution of Uzopis in my opinion is 19: Lazyness!

Constitutions of Uzopis
Underbridge Swing

RITCHY got on way to Daugridiskes after having dinner at Cancan Restaurant. Everybody was tired but refreshed after this enjoyful day.

MEDIA  AWARENESS and Technology: Lithuania

This time groups looking at the social media aspects surrounds our life such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, AskFM even Omegle! and clarifying the points people use this platforms.

Briefly introductions and presentations of the platforms, RITCHY interviewed about the following topics:

Youth + Technology
Gender Equality
Sexual Education
Role of Religion on Youth
Importance of Non-formal Education
Cultural Differences.

Interviewers shared this short speechs on their social media networks to dissaminate the ideas.


One more amazing week passes out from the life within amazing friendships and experience. Last day dedicated to discussion about what we expected and what we experienced during RITCHY. .


The soul of group was wonderful and contribution was always maximum with a lot of different ideas.


Youthpass informing has closed all over the project


Then the RITCHY has passed over but friendships remained forever to develop new inititatives ahead to live in a better world in future.

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