Smoking Network

Basically there are two kind of personality in the world. Smokers and non-smokers. Actually what makes them different is tredencies and preferences but lets say smoke. There are obvious distinctions between this people according my observations so far. I am not looking for better or worst and need to inform that I  don’t consider health conditions in this case. All in frame of social status and features. Beside there are a lot of advantage and disadvantages to be non-smoker, same for smokers too. For example smokers are more social than non-smokers. Maybe the sharings while  finishing smoke is reason. Their conversation skills getting better and better, they improve how to approach gently to unknown person, request a lighter, enjoying blow and having conversation. Maybe its just because through gained experiences where their preferences brought.

This kind of people gathering same side in every step of their life. Their best friends are the ones who they start smoking together, or realize this holy smoking events together which is very exciting to do in the high school years. Of course there’s nothing left after graduation. But every end is a new inception. They goes university.. the first strong friendships starts again by smoking at the front of the door in lesson breaks. It was kind of choosen large-socialising and meeting style rather than stay inside and waiting for someone to shake hands and meet. They smoke together, it leads start conversation and it forwards to socialising. Somehow this rituals ends up with drinking. Because usually it’s what their common point is. After a several smoking workshop they decide to go to drink together. There are also group of girls smoker who will be part of their best university network. After a while group extends and becomes something good. These people loves partying due their nature, and first parties starts with this way. Then relationships, gossips, intrigues and so on.. As a result class or community shapes as smokers and non-smokers in an invisible way . But situations and chareters changes by the time. It’s just how first spark was.

As my friend has found his current job while smoking, this holly shit goes on by provide luck to it’s suckers. Altough non-smokers are always more successfull and one step ahead in business life compare smokers, they can never seem as happy as them. There are magic collective coffee breaks every 2 hour, team soul and intengible loyalty after every meal time for smokers. There are very special moments and reason to get outside for smokers while there is no reason to join this attractive community for non-smokers. They can take a breath and refresh theirself into the super-busy times. However sometimes one of the crazy non-smoker tries to join this rituals and want to feel this environment, it ends up with dissapointment by the finishing topic to talk about and realize there is nothing else to do stand there…

I hope this self-discussion makes a point of view regarding to be smoker or non-smoker and brings new view of points through…

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